Rockhampton's Expert deck builders

What if we told you that you already had another room in your house – and it’s literally just outside?

Upgrading or expanding your outdoor living space is one of the most effective ways to maximise space in your home, especially with a Refined Space redesign. A well-designed outdoor living space could double the size of your home – and allow you to make the most of the glorious central QLD weather.


A brand new timber deck adds modern appeal to any outdoor space, from patios and porches to above-ground pools. It’s also a great option for increasing your usable outdoor space by building out, even if you’re on a sloping block – and there’s nothing like stepping outside and feeling warm timber against the soles of your feet.

Plus, if you add fixtures and fittings like louvred roofing, smart blinds and automatic shutters, the possibilities are endless. What about:

  • An outdoor kitchen?
  • A luxury dining space?
  • A home office with a view?
  • A lazy lounge with cocktail bar?

The quality of your experience is our primary focus. Building a good relationship between you and us is something that sets a solid foundation for great success and this is something that needs to be established before you even start renovating.

We start with an initial meeting/consultation with you to extract as much information and gain full understanding of you and exactly what you want.


Deck building FAQ's

Yes, you may need council approval for building a deck in Queensland, although this might depend on the size of the deck and its location. You should check with your local council to make sure you are complying with their planning regulations before starting any construction. You will need to submit a development application (or DA)  to the council and have it approved before you can begin your project. Generally, the process involves submitting plans and drawings for review: it is important to get professional advice before getting started. The Refined Space team can advise you on local council regulations and the DA process.

Yes, you can build a deck yourself if you have the necessary skills and tools. However, it is important to be aware of the regulations and guidelines set out by your local council. You should also consider hiring a professional for some of the more complex tasks, such as building a support structure for the deck (it is important to ensure that the deck is safe and secure). Some tasks, like installing electrical wiring, will also need to be carried out by a licenced tradesperson. Additionally, it may not be worth the effort and expense of doing the project yourself if you do not have the necessary skills or expertise.

No, you should not build a deck directly on the ground. You should always build a deck on a solid, level surface, such as concrete or pavers. This will help ensure that the deck is stable and secure. Additionally, building directly on the ground can damage soil, and lead to drainage and pest issues.

When building a deck, you should not skimp on materials. You should also avoid cutting corners when it comes to the installation process, as this can lead to structural issues down the line. You must ensure that the deck is up to code and compliant with all local regulations. Finally, never attempt to build a deck yourself if you do not have the necessary skills and expertise. For example, it is important to use treated timber and secure the deck properly to prevent it from shifting or becoming unstable.

Yes, decks should be waterproofed to prevent moisture from seeping into the wood and causing damage. This is especially important in areas with high levels of rainfall, such as parts of Queensland. If you do not waterproof your deck, it can become discoloured and warped over time.